Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be Part of Something Beautiful...

In 2013, Harun Mehmedinovic wrote a guest post on this blog, in which he shared an incredible experience of survival. Raised in Bosnia, his home in Sarajevo was –literally – a warzone. For four years, he and family lived in daily fear for their lives, and lived without water, electricity, or a stable source of food. Harun and his family escaped to the U.S. as refugees. Harun flourished in college, earning several scholarships, to study film and theater. I find Harun’s story and perspective incredibly inspirational – after all he had been through he believes that he would never be where he is today without those experiences.

Harun has completed several successful photography books, “Bloodhoney” being one of the most successful Kickstarter photography campaigns of all time. His new project, “Skyglow” – an astrophotography book and timelapse video series with Gavin Heffnan – promises to be just as unique and successful.

Please check out Harun and Gavin’s Kickstarter page and video to see stunning images of our night sky. Most of us will never be able to view the skies like this, except through this “Skyglow” lens. I’ve always loved stargazing, and staring up at the night sky, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Share in the beauty and artistry of this project, and please help share these memorable images with others:

Watch Harun’s TEDx Talk “Living in the Moment”:

Harun’s Website:

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